The company

The Brand

Here at Amandín we always strive to offer the widest variety of products to complete your diet in a natural, balanced way. In 2016 we launched our brand of coconut product: Frutos del Sol. Our wide range, all grown organically, is designed to complement your diet.

We also know that you like to look after yourself and that’s why we’ve also added a baking line to help you make your best desserts and sweet recipes.
We work to meet your needs and expand our current range of stocks, plant-based drinks, sauces and nut creams. We use the finest ingredients to try to provide you with everything you need to turn food into the best part of life.

We take maximum care over our products, ensuring that every one of our processes is in line with the strictest quality standards. We are always attentive to our customers’ needs. And constantly developing so as to be able to make our processes even better, always with an eye to caring for the environment.

Our certificates

BRC/IFS certificates

Our firm has earned BRC and IFS, two certificates proving compliance at European level with food safety standards in manufacturing, packing and storage. In 2016 we gained FDA certification, enabling us to market our products in the United States.

Organic farming

Amandín products are made using organically-grown ingredients that are certified by the CCPAE, the Catalan Council of Organic Production, which guarantees that both our suppliers and the ingredients used to make our products meet European EC 2092/91 regulations.