Chocolate and Hazelnut Turron

The typical turron for this time of year… with chocolate and hazelnuts. It’s really easy to make and you can adapt it to suit your tastes, by adding orange, pistachios, cinnamon or vanilla, among other things Prabhu Sukh prepares it with our organic hazelnut cream with cocoa. A delicacy!!!
Historians place the origins of turron in classical Greece, where a highly nutritious food very similar to turron was known, made of honey, almonds and other nuts and given to Hellenic athletes before they competed in the ancient Olympic games, a sporting and religious event that took place every four years.
In Jijona there is a legend that tells the tale of how turron originated*:
“At that time the king married a Scandinavian princess, so she had to come here, leaving behind her cold country of origin. The princess was very sad not to be able to see the beautiful landscapes of her country covered in perpetual snow. The king, desperate at seeing his new queen so unhappy, had the idea of planting thousands of almond trees all over his lands around the castle. Like this, when the almond trees flowered, they covered the landscape with white tones, so that it looked as if it was covered in snow, and the princess was happy again. From that time on, the people of Jijona learned to harvest the almonds and to put them to use, so making the first turrons and the like. ”
Let this nice story inspire you and, filled with Christmas spirit, let’s get to work on this delicious turron.


150 g coating chocolate
150 g Amandín Organic Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa
200 ml sunflower oil
50 g margarine
1 g salt
100 g coating chocolate to cover the turron


Step 1
Melt the chocolate and the margarine in a bain marie.

Step 2
Let it cool down a little, stirring constantly, ad add the hazelnut cream with cocoa, the sunflower oil and the salt. Mix well until you get an even mixture.

Step 3
Put it in a mould and leave it in the fridge.

Step 4
When it’s nice and cold, melt the rest of the chocolate and cover the turron with it.